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Driving School in Kothaguda

Kothaguda is a well developed residential neighbourhood in west Hyderabad. Due to its close proximity to the IT corridor, it has become a preferred area among the people working in the IT sector for residential purposes. Kothaguda has a population of roughly 31650, and the nearest RTO is RTA Office Kondapur. It is crucial to note that there are roughly 24 driving schools in Kothaguda, with an average cost of Rs 6350 for four-wheeler training with a driver's license and Rs 4550 for two-wheeler training with a driver's license. If you already have a driver's license but want to brush up on your skills, four-wheeler training costs roughly Rs 4650, while two-wheeler training costs around Rs 3150. Most of the driving schools in Kothaguda offer pick-up and drop-off services. The most popular cars used for training are the Tata Nexon, Maruti Alto, and Swift Dzire, all of which come with automatic and manual transmission options. The cost of 4 wheeler training with ac is roughly Rs 4650, while the price without ac is around Rs 4450. Driving schools in Kothaguda typically have sessions for 38 minutes, with an average of 6 km running every session. Cyber Towers - Kothaguda X Road, Hitex Road is a popular area used by training schools in Gachibowli.


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